Learn How to Create Your Own Website Using WordPress With My New Course

I have been creating websites for over 15 years now. I became so good at it that I began teaching courses at colleges and online. With COVID-19 changing the economic landscape, I felt that I could be doing my part in helping others struggling out there right now by showing how to create your own website.

Many who have lost their jobs, been furloughed, or had their hours reduced at work have turned to the internet as their saving grace. With social distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns in effect all over the world, it has become one of the few places where you can still make as much, or more, than you were making. Creating a website is one of the best ways to establish a new income stream. 

That is why I will be launching a course called Create Your Own Website Using WordPress.

If you can’t afford to hire someone to build your site, then you can learn how to do it yourself. It’s not as intimidating as it may sound!

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that powers over a third of all the websites on the internet. That's what makes it great for building a website.

Do you want or need a website that is powered by WordPress but don’t know where to start?

Are you a new web designer or developer who wants to start creating websites for clients?

If so, then this course will teach you how.

You will learn everything you need to know to create a website, including:

  • Registering a domain name
  • Setting up web hosting
  • Setting up an SSL certificate
  • Setting up email
  • Installing WordPress itself
  • Selecting a theme
  • Customizing a theme
  • Adding content
  • Creating menus
  • Starting a blog
  • Installing plugins
  • And MUCH MORE!

I will also go over some of my personal tips regarding the best plugins to use, as well as some marketing tips and ideas.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the course and receive a one-hour one-on-one Zoom session once you have completed the course. In that session, I will review your website and offer you suggestions, as well as answer any questions if you are stuck on something.

After this course, you will have a brand new website that can be the start of a new lucrative income stream for you.

Pricing Options

We have two payment options available to make it affordable for everyone. You can do a one-time payment of $450 (+ HST) or a monthly payment of $150 (+ HST) for 3 months. Prices include taxes.

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Senior Web Designer + Marketer

Samantha Gernhart

I have been helping businesses and non-profit organizations all over Canada with their marketing, web and graphic design needs since 2005. I have had many well known clients over the last 15 years and been nominated and finalist for many awards. I have taught this course in person through colleges and online. I really enjoy sharing the knowledge. Let's get started!